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Drinking Water Brochure
Source Water Protection Primer
Plain Language Guide
Why is Fuel Storage and Handling a threat to drinking water?
What are DNAPLs and why are they a threat to drinking water?
Why are Organic Solvents a threat to drinking water?
RMO and RMI Fact Sheet

Conservation Ontario Resources

The Ripple Effect
FAQ's on Source Water Protection
Know Your Drinking Water
Drinking Water Source Protection Planning - Understanding the Process
Conservation Ontario Implementation Modules:
     Moduel 1 Establishing a Risk Management Office
     Moduel 2 Understanding Where Policies Apply
     Moduel 3 Land Use Planning
     Moduel 4 Annual Reporting and Information Management
     Moduel 5 Risk Management Plans
     Moduel 6 Prohibition
     Moduel 7 Non-Regulatory Policies
     Moduel 8 Other Obligations


What can landowners do to protect water quality and quantity?
What is a wellhead protection area?
What is an intake protection zone?
What is a water quality issue?
What are highly vulnerable areas?
How do I care for my private well?
What about septic systems?
What about runoff and erosion protection?

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Materials

Taking Care of Your Drinking Water: A Guide for Members of Municipal Councils
Act for Clean Water
Handling and Storage of Liquid Fuel
Road Salt/Snow Storage
Part Two of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry
Part One of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry

The Source Water Protection Primer

The Source Water Protection Primer by Pollution Probe, has been created to inform public discussion on what source protection is and how we can make it happen.

Download Primer

The Well Aware Booklet (2011)

This booklet guides you through the life cycle of a well, how to maintain your well, and shows you how your well affects water quality.
Download Booklet
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